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  July 2014  
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(June 12, 2014)

Braeburn Directory Form:  Please fill out and return to your child's classroom teacher and/or the Office by Thursday, June 19th.  Thank you! 

A Message from Mr. Woznicki…


I don’t know if anyone noticed that when I wrote my articles in recent months, I avoided opening with the cliché of how quickly the year was passing. At this point however, I simply cannot resist sharing my amazement that nearly a full year has passed since I was hired as Principal of Braeburn. I’ll throw in a cliché now by saying that time certainly does fly when you’re having fun (and are incredibly busy)!

In true team spirit, the members of our school community have once again collaborated to accomplish a tremendous amount over the past nine months (see last month’s Sunflower for a partial list). I believe that the high rate of satisfaction expressed by many parents through the recent survey is a testament of our effective work together. My staff and I will continue to analyze the results of the survey in an effort to identify school improvement goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. I am pleased that over 94% of those of you who responded to the survey indicated that you felt positive about elements of Braeburn’s school climate either all or most of the time; however, I want to express my sincere desire to continue to work the remaining 6% of you who appear to be less satisfied. Because the survey was anonymous, I cannot effectively address the dissatisfaction of these parents without knowing more. If you are among them, please accept my invitation to meet with me at some point this summer when we can focus together on your concerns without interruption. While I cannot guarantee your satisfaction, I do promise that I will listen carefully and attempt to find a resolution. Please call or email me to set up an appointment.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and your children this year and I look forward to taking the next steps in our relationship. I will end this message by once again sharing my personal    vision for our school toward which we have taken several important steps this year:

I want Braeburn School to be a place where everyone is excited about learning; where each and every student feels supported by school staff as they work toward personally challenging intellectual, social, and physical goals; where everyone holds themselves to high expectations; where teaching students to be nice is as important as teaching them to be smart; and where parents feel not only welcomed but encouraged to be partners with us in educating their children. Oh, and I also feel that having fun while learning is very important!


Thank you for your continued involvement in our vital work of building a great school. Have a wonderful summer filled with good health and good times!


Yours truly,




Steve Woznicki







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