inspiration in the Braeburn hallway

This year our Mission Statement and Code of Conduct will be the foundation of our actions, words, and interactions at Braeburn. We are going to focus on both as we further develop a safe, respectful, and inviting learning environment to support our students in reaching their fullest potential. Our Mission Statement is our guiding belief for our students as they develop and strengthen a positive growth mindset and perseverance. Our Code of Conduct will provide the basis for our daily behavior expectations. Both documents are pillars for our continued focus on building and strengthening relationships and supporting each student’s social emotional learning. Our outstanding teachers and staff are committed to providing high quality, rigorous instruction with care.

Mission Statement:

To empower all community members to be better than we think we can be.

Braeburn Code of Conduct:

As a caring school and community we will . . . 

  • Be respectful of everyone we meet

  • Be responsible for everything we say and do

  • Be safe with our body and our words

Remember, my door is always open, so please don’t hesitate to reach out when the time is right with any question or concerns.

Stay safe and be well,


Suzy Sinatro